Monday, August 11, 2008

500 weeks pregnant....

Obviously, not literally the case, but thats how i feel recently after:
working late far too many days last week + the return of the swollen feet and ankles + becoming overly emotional/hormonal over anything and everything (Vaka won't hesitate to vouch for this!) + coming down with the cold/flu-whatever-horrible-virus-it-is and not seeming to get even the slightest bit better + recent onset of acne that I have never before had in my life + having to wake up 3+ times during the night to relieve my bladder = you get the point.

I promise more positive posts and the anticipated preggo pictures you all have been requesting in the near future... once I am not so tired/cranky/sick. :)


Kristen said...

I love you Brooke!! It's almost over!! You're amazing. :) We miss you.