Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tu'ifua Reunion 2009

The main purpose of our trip to Washington was to attend the Tu'ifua reunion in Seattle. It included all Tu'ifua's from Vaka's great-grandpa's line of 13 sons. We camped at Camp Lakeview, WA and it was absolutely gorgeous. Literally. I told Vaka to quit school so we could move. :)

Ulu'amu and his kids/grandkids at the reunion

Because of school, our trip was shorter than we would have liked, and it was hard to leave before the reunion was over. However, in the time we were there we enjoyed EATING, swimming in the lake, EATING, dancing, EATING, playing cards, EATING, spending time with family and of course, EATING. It was a Tongan reunion - you get the point! Here are just a few of the many pictures...

Three generations of Tu'ifua boys

Our little family. Check out that view!

Breakfast with Kristen, Lillie & Bradley.
So glad my awesome sis-in-law was there so I wasn't the only non native Tongan speaker!

Vaka's aunties - Solia, Tae and 'Anau

Vaka and his cousin Mele

'Ulu & his new wife Naioka. So good to finally meet her!

Tu'ifua's chillin'

All of the Tu'ifua's from Grandpa Feliha'a's line

We love any opportunity we have to spend with Vaka's family since we don't get to see them often living so far away. We've been lucky to see many of them this year and I was so happy to have Jacob finally meet his Tu'ifua cousins. It was a fun for me to meet so many of Vaka's extended family and finally put faces to names and mentally figure out all the relations, which as you can imagine, isn't simple! Though sometimes the culture can be overwhelming and the language barrier frustrating, it is such a blessing to be a part of such a large, loving family.

LOVE these guys!

The first stop of our Northwest trip was meeting up with the Chavez' in Washington. We met for lunch at our fav, The Cheesecake Factory and then went to Ben's grandparents' condo to chill and give Jacob some freedom to crawl around. Jessica and I were co-workers at Fillmore Spencer before Ben graduated and they relocated to Washington for work. Jessica has been there for my major life events, hosting both my bridal and baby shower, and is definitely a lifelong friend. When they moved, she was pregnant with Emilia, so the highlight of our visit with them was meeting their sweet baby girl! So good to see you again and hopefully you'll make a visit out here soon!

The happy mommies with our uncooperative offspring. Someone please tell me I'm not doomed to have pictures like this from now on! (And yes I know, we look like giants next to these petite girls!)