Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LOVE these guys!

The first stop of our Northwest trip was meeting up with the Chavez' in Washington. We met for lunch at our fav, The Cheesecake Factory and then went to Ben's grandparents' condo to chill and give Jacob some freedom to crawl around. Jessica and I were co-workers at Fillmore Spencer before Ben graduated and they relocated to Washington for work. Jessica has been there for my major life events, hosting both my bridal and baby shower, and is definitely a lifelong friend. When they moved, she was pregnant with Emilia, so the highlight of our visit with them was meeting their sweet baby girl! So good to see you again and hopefully you'll make a visit out here soon!

The happy mommies with our uncooperative offspring. Someone please tell me I'm not doomed to have pictures like this from now on! (And yes I know, we look like giants next to these petite girls!)


Benedict and Jessica said...

1) We aint that petite!
2) It was so good to see you guys, I hate that it wasn't that long of a get-together
3) We def are going to come visit you guys
4) I am stealing your pics and adding them to my blog because my camera isn't working right to put my own up.
5) Wish we would have stayed together just 5 minutes more that day and you would have been able to understand where my frustrations come from (I hope you get what I am saying cause I have to be careful what I put on here for others to see). Anyway, it would have been interesting!