Monday, January 19, 2009

December in Pictures

Unfortunately this blog too accurately resembles life in our house these days... always playing catch up and barely staying on top of things. Where did the month go!?! And in the blink of an eye we're already more than halfway into January. Here's a brief look at just a few of the many things we were up to last month.

December 5th: We got our Christmas tree!! Jacob couldn't take his eyes off it, even before we had a chance to get the lights on.

December 8th:

Annual Fillmore Spencer
Christmas party. Always lots of fun, lots of food, and this year, Jacob was the big flirt with all the ladies. :) He got his first picture with Santa, what a cute little guy we have!!

December 10th: Daddy finishes finals and starts his full month off from school. HOORAY!!

December 16th: Jacob's 2 month (or rather, nearly 3 month) doctor appt and first round of vaccinations.

The stats:
15 lbs, 5 ounces (91st percentile)
24.5 inches (76th percentile)

Basically, he is a big boy!! He's a tough little guy, he let out a quick scream, and it was hard to decide whether it was because of the shot or his binky falling out of his mouth. Maybe those thunder thighs are useful for more than just cute blackmail pictures after all. :)

December 17th:
'Eni arrived, and storm after storm welcomed her!! She has moved in with us and is looking for a job, and we love having her here!!

December 19th: My dad got us all tickets to attend Neil Diamond for my mom's 50th birthday. It was Jacob's first concert and he was a gem. He slept through the first half and sat looking around in amazement during the second. He sure loves music and bright lights. If only I could sleep through concerts, movies and driving, I'd be more than well rested!!

December 25th: Jacob's 1st Christmas!! We're quickly learning, holidays are MUCH more fun with kids. Jacob was obviously spoiled rotten with toys that will last him through next Christmas, but his favorite thing of all was playing with the wrapping paper.

(click on to enlarge and see his cute onesie!)

December 28th: Brandon, Tonya & JT arrived.
Our visits with them are always too short, and it seems
we're always trying to cram as many games, movies and eating into the time they're here. Sadly, this was the only picture taken this visit, JT helping give "baby Jacob" a bath.

December 29th:
Grandpa 'Ulu came to visit!! He was able to work in an extended layover between his trip to Arizona with his new wife and his flight back to Hawaii, so he could meet Jacob. It was a quick trip, and unfortunately a lot of his time was spent in the airport trying to catch a flight, but we are glad we got to see him for what little time we did!!

December 31st:
Apparently being parents makes us old, as both Vaka and I struggled to stay awake while partying at my parents house, and failed miserably. We both crashed by 10 on the couch and floor. I won't be surprised if that's a sign of how we'll spend the coming year; utterly exhausted.

All month: All I wanted from Santa, or rather Jacob:

Not surprisingly, I didn't get what I wanted!!