Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Growing, growing, growing....

Here's a look at some things that have been expanding, other than my feet. :)

We planted a small "garden" in planters on our back porch a few months ago. The "then" and "now" pictures show you just how much it has grown!! We've had a few tomatoes and one pepper, and unfortunately I've neglected to use the basil as much as I could, mostly due to my lack of cooking recently. I am just so proud of myself for not killing it all; the only thing that didn't make it was the cilantro. :(

And my waistline is obviously expanding. You all have been begging for pictures, so here they are. I wasn't lying when I said I was a whale. :) Surprisingly, I stepped on the scale at my appointment last week and had lost 5 lbs since my visit 2 weeks prior. I made a comment that it must have been wrong, because I sure didn't feel like it or look it, and the doctor reminded me that I should just take it for what its worth and feel good regardless. Very true!! One other positive note, doc says he estimates this little boy will weigh in at a high 7, low 8 lb range at delivery, so hopefully he is right and I'll deliver an under 10 lb tongan baby after all!!

24 weeks

26 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks
(thank you Hawaii for making my whole body swell!!)

32 weeks

34 weeks


Lynn said...

Wow, time flies! Ok, you would probably disagree at this point and I also think the hours are ticking by slowly these days... but I can't believe this baby is almost here! I had Mari at 37 wks and they said she was a healthy, full-term babe. I hope everything goes well, wish I could be there!

mommyjo01 said...

Hi Brooke- YOU LOOK GREAT!!! If you need anything please let me know- I am so excited for you! You will love being a mom! Take care-

Sarah said...

what a cute pregnant lady you make! I wish I could see you in person! You are so close, hang in there, and just remember to cherish these last few weeks - if you're anything like me I know you feel huge, tired, uncomfortable and ready to get the baby out, but he is a MILLION TIMES EASIER INSIDE THAN OUT! so enjoy your sleep, your baths, running errands without lugging around a 30 pound carseat, etc, etc. I mean, you'll love him when he comes, but you'll look back on this time with fondness too. :) When I was 37 wks with Makea I would lay awake every night thinking about how much I hated to be pregnant and how anxious I was to meet her, etc. Now I kick myself for missing out on my last few weeks of uninterrupted sleep. :)

Kristi Neeleman said...

Yeah for listening to your favorite aunt!! (hahahahahah!) The pics are great and you WILL be so thankful you have them to remember these moments.
Carry on.

Atwood Ohana said...

Finally some pregnant pictures of you!!! I love those! You look so beautiful! It is only one more week! crazy! You'll love being a mom. And enjoy every SECOND of your delivery. It's such a miracle. It's when the veil becomes SOOO thin. you can feel God's presence as he hands you one of his little children. You'll LOVE it! And I am so excited for you to experience it! love ya! you'll do so great!

Karessie said...

okay brookie, you need to tell that dr. to hurry up and get that baby out! he missed the best day to be born in september! ha ha ha. just kidding :) but for reals...he needs to get that baby out already! too long, :) :) :) love ya brookie!!!