Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank you!!

Because a shower never got put together and my due date is fast approaching, my coworkers decided to throw me a simple shower on their own and treated me to lunch at PF Changs, and of course, LOTS of presents. I sadly forgot to bring my camera and snap a picture of all of us together, but here is what I came home with. Thanks so much!! I'm definitely looking forward to a nice break from work, but am excited for the opportunity to go back part-time so I don't have to say my goodbyes to all of you yet!!


Ma Fitz said...

How nice! Lovely things, indeed.

Did you ever get Amy's message about the possibility of us helping with a shower? We're not seeming to communicate so effectively these days. The offer's still open.

Chavez Family said...

YOU'RE WELCOME. Wish we could have done more...don't worry, there will be lots more gifts to open once he gets here