Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We made it!!

Yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary!! Its hard to believe its already been one year, I know its cliche' but it feels just like yesterday. And maybe I'm cynical in saying this, but I think its a great accomplishment!! In fact, our waitress at dinner last night told us the same thing. Apparently divorce statistics are ever increasing, especially in the number of newlyweds that divorce before 7 months of marriage. Sadly that isn't surprising, since I myself know of a few people who got married within months of us last year that already have their divorces finalized... or rather, marriages annulled. I am one lucky girl, to have found such an amazing guy that despite our differences and my MANY imperfections, is so committed to me and making this marriage work. I'm glad we've beat those odds!! :)

Vaka spoiled me more than I could have ever expected. I guess its good to do it now before the baby comes along and we increase our expenses and decrease our earnings!! I was showered with roses, a massage, diamonds, dinner and a night away. What more could a girl want. :) Honestly, more than anything, I was just grateful to be able to spend quality time together, because after checking out at the hotel this morning, I took him straight to the airport and said goodbye to him for three weeks. Its interesting no matter how independent you were when you were single, how quickly you become dependent on a person once you're married. :) Not that I can't take care of myself, but I think the loneliness will quickly get to me!! Some of you mothers may think I'm crazy for saying this, but I almost wish our baby boy were here already so I had someone to keep me company!! The good news is, as soon as he gets back, we are OFF TO HAWAII.

In the meantime, I'll try to find something interesting/exciting to post about. Not sure what that will be, but I'll try to get creative. :)

p.s. After yesterday, I've decided every pregnant woman deserves a prenatal massage. I can't remember when my back last felt SO very good!!


Ma Fitz said...

Congratulations! I didn't realize it had come up so fast. Time is flying by, that's for sure.

Sarah said...

Congrats! Yeah for making it through the first year! I remember everyone told us the 1st year is the worst so at our 1 year anniversary we looked at eachother and said "Where was the hard part? This has been the best year of our lives!" And now, after 7 years, it just keeps getting better. :) Of course, kids add a whole new depth to your love which you will soon find out. ;) Anyway, glad you got spoiled, you deserve it, and amen about prenatal massages! Kai was born the morning after our 6th anniversary and I think it had a lot to do with the couples massage we had the night before, so get one closer to your due date and your little guy might come early ;)

Kristen said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! yay! I can't wait to see you guys either! Woo HOO!

The Atwood Ohana said...

Where's a picture of your cute baby belly? Show it off! I bet you make such a cute preggers woman!
love ya,