Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What we've been up to....

1) I turned the big 25. I still feel young, but better live it up this year because 26 seems so much older!! Perhaps the best thing that happened that day was the phone call I got from Vaka telling me he'd be home at 2:00 the next day. Yippee!! I got this amazing game from my parents, the original edition has been our addiction since Christmas, so it was time to try the next one out. Try it for yourself. See if you don't get addicted too. :)

2) Vaka came home 9 days early!! No complaints there!! The military required that his injuries be re-evaluated before July 5th, so since he would be at training and then on to Hawaii, they had no choice but to send him home early to get it done. It was a very nice surprise!!

3) The morning Vaka came home, I clumsily tripped and fell on my way out the door to work, and because I had my hands full, my fat stomach took the big hit. Luckily I had stayed at my parents house the night before, so they were around to help me up and see that I was okay. Initially I was scared (and in pain), but after resting a bit I felt that everything was fine. However, as a precaution my doctor ordered me to Labor & Delivery to have a non-stress test. Little did I know what that entailed!! After picking Vaka up we followed the doctors orders... and I was forced to stay to be monitored for 4 hours. NOT FUN. Good news is, everything is fine. And it was probably good preparation for what labor itself will be like.... a whole lotta WAITING!

4) Friday morning we woke up to half of the lower level of our townhouse flooded. A pipe had broken somewhere and all the townhouses in our building had flood damage. NOT COOL. What was even less cool was having to leave for the weekend before making sure it was taken care of, and we came back to a SMELLY, still wet carpet Sunday morning. We're still dealing with our maintenance people to get the issue resolved.

5) The reason we were gone all weekend was to attend our ward's youth conference. I'm 1st counselor in the YW presidency, and since Vaka was back, we were more than happy to have him come along and help... or rather, join the ranks of the other youth. :) It was so nice to get away and we had a lot of fun, but I was definitely ready to come home by end of the 2nd day. I'll have to post pictures later of the fun we had!!

6) We finally bought some needed baby items. Other than a few cute clothes I found on clearance, I had seriously been putting this off!! But after going to Labor & Delivery and having the nurse comment "good news, things look fine so you won't be having a baby today" I was freaked out to realize that yes, should something happen, this baby could very well arrive at any time, and we are definitely not anywhere prepared for that!! Now I can rest easy knowing we at least have a carseat to bring the baby home in whenever he decides to make his entrance!!

7) Overnight, I developed elephantitis in my knees and ankles. It is GROSS. Two weeks ago, I had no swelling whatsoever, and suddenly one morning last week I woke up with cankles and pregnant knees. Not a good sign when it is just the BEGINNING of the summer... I am scared to think of how bad it could get when it gets even hotter. Not to mention the fact that when I'd like to be wearing skirts and capris to keep cool I feel like I need to cover up with long pants to spare others the horrible site. Is it at all possible to get this under control!?! Help please!! Otherwise rather than relaxing on the beach in Hawaii next week like a beached whale, I'll look much more like... an elephant. :)

8) ONE WEEK EXACTLY we will be in paradise. That should provide me with much more interesting stuff to blog about. And pictures. Of Vaka. Unless I can be cured of this disease.


Kristen said...

hahaha That's so funny! Elephantitis huh? hmm... When I had Lillie my water aerobics instructor told me I looked like a chipmunk... hahahaha. oh, can I pleeeaaasssee pick you guys up from the airport???? What time do you come in?? :) YAY.

Lynn said...

Swollen yuckiness... no fun! :( My tip probably won't help your situation at all. I wore compression socks (it was winter) and they felt so good! That would look pretty dorky with shorts or capris, but they may feel good at least around the house. They kind of squeezed my ankles and feet back into a normal size so they felt flexible enough to move around in.

Becky said...

Hey I am sorry to hear that you guys have had some bad luck...I hope you are doing better with your ankles Brooke, that is not fun! I have not talked to you in a LONG time and would really LOVE to see you before you have the baby! can you email me or call me when you get back from Hawaii and see if we can get together?!! I miss you!!
p.s. I am pregnant too!!
Ofa Atu
Becky Vaitaki

Jake, Heather, & Jadin said...

Brooke! What a crazy week you had. i hope your birthday was fun! I hated having cankles! but i doubt you are as big as i was. haha.Enjoy hawaii and the beach for the rest of us stuck here. love ya, Heather


Brooke, so glad you found me on facebook. And now I found you on blogspot. Ah, being pregnant isn't it so fun! Hahaha, anyways, take care.