Monday, May 26, 2008

I love my soldier :)

Today being Memorial Day, where we most specifically honor military serviceman, I had to make sure to recognize my own man-in-uniform. Some of you know, others of you don't, that Vaka is currently serving in the Army Reserves as mechanic with the 146th Transportation Company. In many ways it has been a big blessing in our lives, but it has definitely come with its sacrifices. When we met, he had just returned home early from a deployment to Iraq, due to various injuries he suffered while out there. While thankfully he didn't have to give the ultimate sacrifice of his life like many men and women have, he has been a hero to me through some of the other sacrifices he's made to protect our freedom. Because of his injuries, he's gone through surgeries, endless physical therapy, given up playing rugby and he still suffers daily pain. Before his deployment when his mom was sick, he didn't have the opportunity to spend as much time as he would have liked with her because he had to attend training.

The amazing thing is, even after his injuries and the sacrifices he's already made, he would volunteer to go back on a second deployment in a heartbeat and do it all over again... if I'd let him. :) I can give him away for 3 weeks of training that he'll be leaving to do next week, but an entire 18 months in a warzone... is a sacrifice I haven't yet been willing to make. We'll see if he can change my thoughts on that... but until then, thank you for your example babe!!


Anonymous said...

What a stud of a husband you have Brooke! And I'd like to add my thanks to that of the millions of people who appreciate what he and all the other soldiers have done.

Kristen said...

Go Vaka! Thanks for being a great bro-in-law, and for working so hard to protect our freedom. Happy Memorial Day. We miss you!

Lynn said...

Yay for Vaka! It's nice to have a more personal reminder to the meaning of Memorial Day. It's kind of sad that it doesn't get remembered better. On Memorial Day Ww are all good at exercising our freedom by vacationing, playing, picnicking, etc. but we often forget about HOW it is we have this freedom. Thanks Vaka!

Line said...

I wouldn't be able to make that kind of sacrifice either, Brooke.

Matthias & Elodie said...

Yeh it was only a matter of time before I gave in, but I do love blogging thing, is pretty cool. We were going to be at Mathoni's wedding, but now we're not sure if we can make it as its in September and Matthias maybe be away :( But we'll see nearer the time! BTW I don't think we've congratulated you on being pregnant?! Thats so awesome, we're so happy for you guys!

Kristi Neeleman said...

I watched my dad (your grandpa) go off on his deployments so many times during the VN war and I watched my mom do the best she could under the circumstances. You'll be fine. Keep busy. Walk everyday and try pre-natal yoga for a clean mind and body and positive meditation.
G-d willing, your hubby won't have to leave anymore with Obama in the White House!
Good Luck. I wish I could see you when I visit next week.