Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our new favorite missionary

This week has been busy, mainly preparing for the big event of welcoming Elder Manatau Tu'ifua and dropping him off at the MTC yesterday. Unfortunately because he didn't fly in until late Tuesday night we didn't get much time with him, and most of that was spent either eating, sleeping or shopping!! It is weird to know that he is still so close, but not be able to see him. At least we can spoil him for the next 2 months before he takes off for Nicaragua!! One other exciting bit of information - my favorite cousin Amy who just returned last month from her own mission is one of his MTC teachers. What a small world. So we'll definitely be getting plenty of updates on him through her. :) We are so excited for him and are so proud of his commitment to unselfishly serve.

Notice how "palangi" Vaka looks next to Manatau. I hadn't realized how white he had gotten until I saw them standing next to each other!! The missionary couple that was waiting at the airport to make sure he was picked up commented to Vaka as he walked up "Oh YOU are the brother? We were looking for a Tongan!" LOL. Guess we need to get him out in the sun!!


Line said...

Brooke, that's so cool your brother in law is going to Nicaragua... Saia served there and we're going there at the end of June. Saia's excited for him! :)