Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New & Improved

I had been waiting to do anything with Jacob's room until we knew the gender of the baby and would therefore know whether I had to figure out something gender neutral, or could go all out BOY. As soon as I found out Jacob would have a little brother, I knew I wanted to copy the design from this blog. Surprisingly enough, it took me a couple months to get the guts to do it. I was worried the navy would make the room too dark, or that one day the white on the bottom would come back to haunt me, (i.e. imagine what could happen if markers fell into the hands of toddlers if left unattended) but I finally went with it, and I am loving it!



It obviously still needs lots of work with accessories, bedding, etc; and it will never look as awesome as the room I got the idea from, but it is amazing how much a bit of paint and trim can transform a room!

I originally had considered using beadboard, but after pricing it, it just wasn't in our budget, and I had heard it can be a pain to install. Instead, the faux board and batten was SO easy and because we already had the white paint left over from finishing the basement, all we had to buy was the blue paint and trim, totaling a mere $114.27.

And for good measure, a recent picture of the soon-to-be big brother who is loving his new room!

Not the best picture as he is sick (crossing my fingers he'll get better quickly and we'll all get at least one full night of sleep before baby arrives!) but as you can see, my little guy is all grown up. I can't wait to see him love on his baby brother!


Court said...

Yay! I'm so glad you put pictures up! It turned out GREAT! I'm glad you went for it... the navy is definitely not too dark. I can't WAIT to meet that new baby boy :)

Nia said...

Awesome job! It looks great! Jacob is so big too!! Love ya