Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life as we now know it

For any of you who still read this blog, don't have a heart attack. Yes, it's true, I am posting! Hopefully it will be a more regular occurrence because it is something I enjoy and that I have missed, but just couldn't warrant the time to keep up with it until now.

Many have asked for an update on my pregnancy complications and what exactly I am up to these days... so this may not be the greatest "comeback" post, but hopefully I'll have more interesting posts in the near future!

At the beginning of January I went to my 29 week OB appointment and my only worry was that I had put on way too much weight over the holidays. Lucky for me, weight gain was great (only 3 lbs over the past 4 weeks!) but I had elevated blood pressure and traces of protein in my urine sample. So, my doctor ordered a non-stress test and more extensive labwork to test for preeclampsia. Long story short, at that point I wasn't concerned and assumed the results would come back negative. WRONG. I went to my appointment a week later and was officially diagnosed. Unfortunately for me, I have known people who had suffered from worst-case scenario preeclampsia and freaked out. Yet luckily for me, I was at the best-case scenario stage and should I worsen, I was far enough along that hopefully my baby boy would survive without any long-term damage.

The month of January was spent trying to finish up at my job, trying to get at least the important things in order should I need to deliver early, undergoing twice-a-week NST's, labwork and doctor appointments, all while trying to "take it easy" so that my blood pressure stayed at a normal level.

This past week was my first full week as a real stay-at-home mom, and I have loved it! It was hard to leave work after having been there for 5 1/2 years, but surprisingly the transition has been much easier than I anticipated. It is amazing how much I can get done in one day at home - clean, cook a healthy meal, play with my little monster and still fit in a nap and some "me" time! Aside from the continued twice-a-week tests that can take anywhere from 1-4 hours, life is good!

It has been a physically and emotionally past few weeks and I am already exhausted from all the testing, etc. However, the one positive in all of this - because of my condition, they won't let me carry past 38 weeks, so the c-section is scheduled and I know that 4 weeks from now I will officially be DONE being pregnant and have a beautiful new baby boy!


Jessica said...

You poor thing, but I am sure everything will continue to be fine and you baby boy will be healthy. BTW, any names yet? I wish I could talk to you. Wait a minute, now we can, you stay-at-home Mama, you!!!!!! And seriously so glad you are up blogging again, I miss you so much.