Friday, July 3, 2009

Snip Snip

I had been holding out for Jacob's first birthday to put him in the barber chair, but his hair just kept growing and growing and really starting to irritate him. So after lots of pressure and threats from Vaka that he would do it himself (yikes!), I succumbed.

The before shot of my terrified baby. So glad I captured this face!

And my handsome BOY after. This was what I was afraid of. He looks so much older! :(

A big thanks to Rach for the job well done with such a squirmy, uncooperative baby! This girl has been doing my hair since my Liberty Square days (has it really been 7 years!?!) and was the only one I would trust with my baby's first cut.


Kendra D said...

He looks so adorable and grown up. It HAS been 7 years. Man we're getting old.

Jake, Heather, and Jadin said...

He looks so handsome!!!! I can't believe you could wait that long to get his hair cut! Jade's hair grows like weeds! We have to cut it at least once a month or it's in his eyes! he had his first hair cut when he was 6 months old! hahaha. But your sweet little Jacob was so brave. And he looks great. I can see both you and Vaka in him for sure!

RyanSarahN said...

your little guy is so cute brooke! nice haircut too.