Thursday, May 7, 2009

Future Missionary

I'm late on the announcement, but I couldn't let it go unrecognized. Two weeks ago my 'little' brother Ben received his mission call to the Brazil Porto Alegre South mission. He'll leave August 26th and head straight for the MTC in Brazil. I'm so proud of him and his willingness to sacrifice 2 years to serve the Lord. I was hoping he'd get called to New Zealand so we'd finally have a legitimate reason to fork out the cash to travel there (and then on to Tonga of course). Brazil sounds good too though!


Kendra D said...

Did you make him that cake? It looks a LOT like the one you made me, which btw made it to the MTC in perfect condition, to everyone's suprise.

mostlyprobably said...

Hey, I remember him when he was just little! Yay for missions! Happy Mothers Day Brooke!