Friday, February 13, 2009

Bring on the burgers!!

It's official!! This taste of heaven is going to be a hop, skip and a jump away from us by the end of the summer!! Excellent for my tastebuds, not so great for my waistline.

P.S. Let's be honest, even though Draper is becoming such a popular place with Ikea, In-N-Out, and the new temple, don't forget to drop by and see us when you come up to visit the really cool places... we're still the coolest thing there!! :)


Benedict and Jessica said...

NO WAY! Just when we leave...well, then again, not to rain on your parage, but you think you wait hours to get into Cheesecake Factory, good luck with In-n-Out
:-) BTW, you know how I told you we live across the street basically from Cheesecake Factory now, well the other night we went and we didn't have to even wait 1 minute. Couldn't believe it!

Colette said...

Now all we need in the area is a Trader Joes!!!!!!!!!

Karessie said...

hey brookie! hows the life? :) :)