Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in Vegas

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Las Vegas to stay in our timeshare since its the halfway point between Brandon, Tonya & JT in Arizona and the rest of us here in Utah. It was so good to see them and have them finally meet Jacob. JT has been wanting to meet "baby Jacob" ever since he was born and it was fun to finally see them interact. I think it certainly prepared him for his new brother or sister that will be joining their family in the next few months!

Jacob did so well in the car. Lucky for us, he loves the car. However, traveling with a baby is exhausting!! Just having to make sure we had everything we needed, scheduling activities around his feeding/nap times, the extra time it takes to pack up and get out the door.... whew!! Luckily we had the lots of helping hands. How cute is he with his little monkey!?!

Jacob & Grandpa ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Checking out the toys in the Black Friday ads

JT & Jacob

Apparently Vegas brings out their scandalous side :)

Rebekah took JT to "Build a Bear" for his birthday present. It sure was fun to watch him and how excited he was about his bear.

The morning after, while I was sleeping, my mom and Tonya decided to dress Jacob in JT's bears clothes... JT was NOT happy about it!!

Our growing family. I sure love them!! I think it was definitely one of my more memorable Thanksgiving's and am grateful we were able to spend it together!!


Nia said...

SO FUN!!! What a nice chance to have family together and that you could find a middle spot to meet up. Man, JT is SO big now. CRAZY! Jacob is so cute. And yes, traveling with kids is so crazy and tiring! Its amazing how much energy and time someone so little requires. Still they're SO worth it.