Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Little Pumpkin

I have quickly learned that holidays are so much more fun with kids!! Even though Jacob couldn't enjoy Halloween himself, we sure enjoyed dressing him cute and having him participate in the festivities.

Heading out to the ward trunk-or-treat

Trick or treating is so exhausting!

Ready to go trick or treating around grandma's cul-de-sac


Megan said...

The fun is just beginning! He's the cutest pumpkin ever!

Queen Bee said...

SOOO CUTE! I was due the day before halloween with Nolan and dressed myself as a HUGE pumpkin but I would have much rather had a tiny little pumpkin to dress up like you did with Jacob. He's adorable! :)

Nia said...

He's so cute. Holidays are much more fun with kids... that's why I stick with my nieces and nephews!